Router for Dynamic Units

The ERT interface provides an easy and convenient system to control and diagnose motorized monitors, microphone lifts, and other automated solutions by Arthur Holm.

The ERT units integrate AHnet ports (RS-422) to control motorized units with a USB service port interface for firmware upgrade. (Connect up to 60 motorized units with the ERT-60 and up to 30 motorized units with the ERT-30.)

The One Touch Addressing System (OTAS) makes addressing Arthur Holm motorized products straightforward.

The ERT interface helps reduce installation costs and time. It allows for a quicker installation and eliminates the need for external relay boxes and extra power outlets. It also allows for the possibility of Arthur Holm’s virtual support on site, provided there is an Internet connection available.

AHlink wireless control is also integrated into the ERT interface, giving easy and direct access to the most common settings through an app and making startup and support hassle free. There is no need to physically access the unit for setup and troubleshooting.

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