DIGIMIC Digital Wired and/or Wireless Conference Microphone System

CMic ID with gooseneck microphone DMic Wireless and Wired with gooseneck microphones CMic ID back and front CMic VIS

DIGIMIC – the most reliable conference system for over three decades now takes you beyond digital. With DIGIMIC you no longer need to decide between wired or wireless. You can have either and/or both!

You determine what solutions are most appropriate for your application. Combine DMic Wired, DMic Wireless, CMic, multimedia units, modular microphone components, listening stations, and/or custom flush mount microphone units within the same system.

DIGIMIC is a plug and play conference microphone system that self-adjusts to on-site frequency conditions. Selectable voice activation or push-to-talk modes available via control equipment for wired and wireless microphones. All microphones are RF/GSM resistant.

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