Digital Interpreter Consoles

DDol Digital Interpreter Console The DIGIMIC digital interpreter console design is modeled after the CDSVAN series high-end interpreter console, which was developed in cooperation with interpreters.

The DDol and DDol32 feature clearly arranged controls, a large and bright display, and illuminated buttons. The consoles allow up to three selectable output channels, five pre-selectable monitoring languages, and communication with the technician and/or chairperson.

The DDol and DDol32 Digital Interpreter Consoles operate with either interpreter headsets or gooseneck microphones with mono or stereo headphones.

The interpreter consoles are divided into 3 sections:

Speaking Section

  • Three outgoing channels (A/B/C)
  • Microphone ON/ OFF button
  • Mute button to mute the activate microphone temporarily
  • Clear indication of active and occupied channels

Listening and relay section

  • 5 pre-selectable relay channels
  • Separate floor button
  • Relay interpretation quality indicator

Monitoring section

  • Loudspeaker with channel selector to monitor all languages
  • All loudspeakers within one both will be muted automatically, when a DDol in the booth goes live
  • Operator and/ or chairman call
  • Auto Relay feature
  • Various take-over modes programmable
  • "Hearing guard“ LED to indicate headphone volume level
  • Complies with standards IEC914 and IEC2603.3
  • Sample rate 48 kHz
  • Resolution 24 bit
  • Frequency response 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • OR + 7 channels
  • 1.5 ms latency end to end
  • 2 x 56 character backlit LCD
  • Lockable microphone socket
  • 3.5/6.3 mm headphone jack
  • 8-pin headset socket (DIN)

Learn more about the DDol and DDol32 Digital Interpreter Console by downloading product information at the bottom right.

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